Mohamed Haji Adam Elmi

Minister of Parliament Relation and Constitutional Affairs 


Dear Guests, Media Representatives

Our mission is to create a society where all Somaliland citizens enjoy their constitutional Privileges, through strengthening the competence of the Ministry, to promote civic education of The Constitution, and to develop a strong working relationship between government institutions, Houses of Parliament and non-state actors.

- Minister Mohamed Adan Elmi

Deeqa Cabdi Yuusuf
DG of Parliament Relation and Constitutional Affairs


Ms. Deka Abdi Yousef was appointed by, the President of Somaliland Muse Abdi Bihi, as the first female Director General of a Ministry in Somaliland. She is one of the few females in a leadership position, in Somaliland. She has a long career and background in the Somaliland Civil Society sector, and worked for local organization such as NAGAAD. She is also a strong female entrepreneur who owned and ran her own private school.


Deka Abdi finished her Master in Peace and Conflict Studies, at the University of Hargeysa. She is a great example for women in Somaliland, who would like to raise the bar in Politics, Business and Investment.